Things of Notoriety

I believe in destiny.
It’s why I’ve invested in me.

But can you predict negativity into your life?
Can you create strife?

But don’t you want more?

You can, also, speak about positive thoughts
Become a walking book I once bought…
Create Your Own Destiny.

Maybe I should have ready it?
Forget it!

Life’s the best teacher of this I’m sure
Come closer, let me tell you a story of pure… Gold.


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Aug 21
Destiny, I Create You. #Poetry #LifeLessons #Positivity

My Heart and Soule belong to You. # Poetry #Relationships #TrueLove #Love

I wake up thinking about you

I go to be thinking about you

I pee and I think about you,

and even when I pooh… I’m still thinking about you.

Can you say you consume my days

I willing to bend to your ways.

Life is what we decide

Through troubles we’ll glide.

My heart and my soul belong to you, my love

I know you were sent from above.

Even when things are aligned,

I still won’t mind.


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Aug 18
My Heart and Soule belong to You. # Poetry #Relationships #TrueLove #Love

You hold the power to change the end… #poetry #romance #love


I’m still in love with you…
I’m not getting the clue.

You see…
I’m not letting you quit me.

Screw this idea society has told you what a slave is…
It’s just fizz!

It’s not real…
Here’s the deal!

You and I decide what is right;
We don’t have to fight.

I’m loyal, honest, and trust worthy.
I’m also pervy, curvy, and topsy turvy…

With my moods sometimes!
It’s not a crime; because so are you!

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Aug 3
You hold the power to change the end… #poetry #romance #love

The Good Life by @GenevieveDewey #Romance #ASMSG

Hello my lovelies… long time no talk, right?

Well, I’ve come out of the career world of math and accounting to tell you about a wonderfully sweet, romantic, and funny book that my great friend, Genevieve Dewey has written!

The Good Life… 



The Good Life

Detective Kyle Anderson is a man of simple tastes and reasonably low expectations. Give him a juicy steak and no homicides, and he’d call…

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Jun 30
The Good Life by @GenevieveDewey #Romance #ASMSG

I Love the Grown-up You. #ASMSG #Poetry

love decisions

You surprised me when you asked me, “how was your day?”

You surprised me when you said, “It will be OK.”

You surprised me when you said, “I love you baby”…

I didn’t know what to say.


I know I shouldn’t be surprised…

And, I know I shouldn’t be waiting for the lies

Because it will end up being our demise



I can’t help myself. 


I’ve sabotaged every relationship since I last saw you


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Jun 4
I Love the Grown-up You. #ASMSG #Poetry

Daily dose of love quotes here
Jun 2


Daily dose of love quotes here

Jun 2

(Source: onlybestquotes)

I hope your heart doesn’t forget mine #poetry #Asmsg


Spero che il tuo cuore non dimentica il mio. (Italian) meaning: I hope your heart doesn’t forget mine.

I’ve loved you since the first time we met…
I knew I wanted to be your pet.

Yours forever if you desired
Your slave was hired.

Yet, I wasn’t enough?
It was tough

Seven years of doubting,
Seven years of pouting.

For seven years I tried to feel the void you caused
I wanted to press pause.


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May 28
I hope your heart doesn’t forget mine #poetry #Asmsg

I Can Beg…??? #Poetry #ASMSG #Slave #Relationships


You said, “Stop being so insecure.”
I know it’s just a lure.
Not pure

Or is it?

You have no idea the thoughts that enter my mind.
How life turns on a dime.
The higher I climb.
It’s sublime.

Best slave ever?
How about never.
Pull the lever
Sever….the ties that bind me.

I Dare You!

Please, take control…
I’ll sell you my soul

For just a taste of who you are
We don’t have to go far,
Please don’t…

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Apr 17
I Can Beg…??? #Poetry #ASMSG #Slave #Relationships

Yours #Poetry #ASMSG #Love

I love the way you look at me like tomorrow doesn’t matter
Your eyes light up like the Madhatter

I never know just what you are thinking but I hope it’s naughty and nice
You showing me will suffice

Over, under, atop of me and more
You know just how to make…

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Jan 26
Yours #Poetry #ASMSG #Love